REady for BUSines traka 700

00 Rebus on Bussines forum in SarajvoOn December 12 2017 Chamber of Commerce of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized in Sarajevo business forum, focused to needed alignment of the BiH education system to the labour market, brain drain in the country, and public-private partnership opportunities. Forum was opened by the Prime Minister of FBiH, Mr. Fadil Novalić.

Special panel discussion on the education system adjustments introduced 5 panellists, coming from both education and business sector. Values of entrepreneurship skills development within the formal education system, including higher education, were stressed by prof. Branko Vučijak, who also introduced main goals and objectives of the REBUS project which are fully in line with the forum discussions and conclusions.

“The higher educational system should be organized in such a way that in addition to training for specific occupations also more focus is placed on the competence framework and entrepreneurial competences - skills, knowledge and attitudes of students (for example Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo).”